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slow and steady wins the race.

So where had Modern Family been all my life,  even though this blog was to have nothing to do with television and everything to do with exercising.  There was just a Priscilla Queen of the Desert reference. Seriously what was I watching at 8:30 on Wednesday nights?

I digress, again this was supposed to be about exercising and how good DH and I are doing at keeping active.  We are out every night after dinner to do something.  Tonight it was bike riding, we did 4 miles. I am quite proud of us. Will it last? It better, cause I need to keep this figure for the wedding and he is still loosing weight, over 100 pound so far.  I really am quite proud of him.  He is going to look so good in his tux!  Most importantly though, he is healthier then he has ever been (since I’ve been around, at least).

So slow and steady wins the race. A little exercise every night.  I want to do a 5k this fall sometime.  I know me! a 5k!!   We’ll see.  I can run a mile with out stopping, which I couldn’t do in High School, so I count that as a mini victory. I just have to add the 2.1 miles on to the end of that and voila! 5k.

On a business note, I am one step closer to getting my 20-C licence.  Hopefull everything will be ready to go by the 2nd week in June. (Fingers crossed!)


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2 thoughts on “slow and steady wins the race.

  1. wow girlie, a 5k? That would be awesomeeee! And wtg with the exercising!

  2. Star on said:

    Troy Turkey Trot !! You can do it!!!

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