The Comfortable Baker

New Business-New Husband-New Life?


Here we are, just engaged and ready to start our lives. or...Holy Christ---This is REALLY HAPPENING!

Hello World.  My name is Andrea Siegel, soon to be Salhoff. I used to work for a Hilton, but now, I want to work for myself. I have a recipe from the family that I love dearly, and I figured, why not? I can make this work. I love to bake, more over, I love to create things. I have  zillion projects started, and a few of them I actually finished.  I’m more of a starter, less of a finisher.  I digress.  So off  I started on my little baking adventure. When this little idea hatched, I was employed. So I could stop and start at my leisure. Hey I was working 40-60 hours per week. When I didn’t have time, I didn’t  have time. Now, I have nothing but time. So off I go.  No excuses, no ‘I’ll do this later’ , no more, just success.


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