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Where have I been?

Around, but obviously, not here.

Errands, and cleaning, and really no one wants to know about how I’m super stoked I got the fridge cleaned out last week. (I did and am so happy about it)

So yeah.

As you can probably see I’m not that much of a writer, more of an un-organized rambler. I’ve never really been a writer, never kept a journal or diary, etc. Which is probably a reason that I can’t keep up with the blog on a regular basis. I’ve decided that I need to do a semi-weekly post like a Wordless Wednesday or a Flash Friday or a oh I don’t know.  I got the idea from two great Mom Bloggers Mrs. C at Never a Dull Moment   and Mrs G at The Next Chapter…  both close friends, awesome women, and great Moms. So hopefully I can keep a better track on my blog. It is a great release to sit down and have a conversation about what ever you want to have one about (<– does that make sense?)   Anyway.

Apparently this is Blog Month, Mrs G is doing a blog a day for the entire month! Good for her, but I know right now I am not that dedicated! Some day, maybe…   So what’s going on in the business world.

Delmar Farmers Market!!!

Saturdays until 18th of December 9-1 in the middle school cafeteria in Delmar.  Oh my goodness- what a great market!  Lots of farmers out with the last bits of produce from the summer. Fresh meat, and eggs and a Fish Mongerer!  Freddy’s Rocking Humus (best humus around), Peruvian Delights (check out the empanadas), The Herb Guy (sorry I can’t remember his name) he makes an AWESOME coconut tea.  I’ll be there with AAC through the winter. So come out and see me!

Order for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is fast approching!  (17 days from today!) Get your orders in for dessert!

Pumpkin-Apple-Apple Crumb  $10

Apple Bundt $15

Apple Loaf $8

Pumpkin- Cranberry Orange Loaf $5

email me at to get your order in by November 21.


So I think that’s about it for all the exciting things going on.  I’ll (try to) be more diligent on the posting front.

till later










Recipe of the Day…. Crumpets.

So, I am endeavoring on making a decent crumpet. Which should be interesting, since, I’ve never had a crumpet. I have nothing to compare it to, no model to set it up against. I’m off to the grocery store for ingredients. I’ve been reading blogs all around the interwebs looking for ideas and the general recipe for one. I’m feeling like it a pancake-y sort of a thing.  I’ll make this a several part blog on the “Crumpet: A Quest”  and then we’ll see what we get.

Friday Night-  Attempt Number 1 –  So they came out…Meh. Not really what I was looking for, or what I think I’m looking for. No real nooks and crannies. Mostly doughy and heavy. They really weren’t what the blog described. I think I filled the rings to much. And someone had mentioned that they had put the soda in right before cooking. I think I’ll try that with the next recipe. We’ll see!  This is the best part of experimenting, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. So these are mine:

Ok so Crumpet fest-tober is on hold for awesome weather. Yard work must be done, so I will continue this little exploration of crumpetness on Tuesday.


Crupmet Update:

I might have found the one. This recipe has a lot more air and you add the baking soda at the end, after you have let the yeast do its work. Lots of bubbles everywhere.  Here is the new picture. (if your english, please let me know if these look better) The first picture is as it went into the pan and the second is when it is getting ready to be turned. They seem to work out really well. They do tend to be a little bit greasy. But after you toast them, and add some butter, you don’t seem to notice the greasiness.  I have to apologize. I completely forgot to take a picture of them when they were all finished. But they look better!

Upcoming Events

Hey Everyone!

So I wanted to keep you all updated on upcoming events:

October 15th  Saturday

  • Extra Life Fundraising
    • Raising money for Children’s Miracle Network-  its going on at our house and of course Andi’s Apple Cakes will be providing the sugar!  It’s 24 hours of Gaming for  sick kids. Which means lots of Mountain Dew, Coffee, fun, and I’m sure several meltdowns. Please Support me Here!

October 31st  Monday

  • Halloween!!  Which means Candy and Goodies!!   I’ve got Pumpkin Bread available. Along with other awesome fall treats! (more info later)  So make sure you get your order in so you can take some yummy things to the office or just have something to snack on when the trick-or-treaters get to your house.


From now till Winter

  • Kristy’s Barn is stocking my Apple Cakes and Pumpkin Bread.  Make sure you get over to the Farm get some pumpkins, Apple Cakes, sign up for your 2012 CSA, pet some animals and get some super yummy apple cider doughnuts!


I’m going to be at a few different craft shows, and as soon as I get the dates and times pinned down I’ll let you know.


Also I’m running a Breakfast goodie contest- I was going to draw on October 1st but I want to get some more entries. So I’m extending the drawing to October 15th.    The Drawing is for a basket of breakfast goodies to be delivered to your office, for 2-30 people.

If you want in on the contest: Please email me at

Include Your:    Name — Place of Business– Telephone Number– Address– How many people are in your office

Please put “Contest Entry”   in the Subject line

Again I’ll draw October 15th and let the winners know.


See you at a farmers market or craft show soon!



So…. Yeah. That’s what I gotta say about that.

Yeah, I’m just plugging along. I’ve been doing 4 farmers markets, this week I think I am just going to do three. I think I am taking the Feura Bush Market out. It is a brand new market, and I’m all for growing from the ground up, but there is no farmer at the market. Sooo, its a little hard too have a farmers market and no farmer. I feel I’ll do better by doing three really well then 4 half-assed.

I’ve got a couple of new ideas. And I’m trying to get things planned for when the farmer’s markets slow down. I’m looking for suggestions for festivals/ shows/ etc that I can go to sell. Its hard because we’ll be gone at the end of September. Well everyone, put on your thinking caps.

On to wedding stuff. I think that’s why the farmers markets are starting to push to the back of my mind. Anyway, wedding invites are done, almost.  The shower is this weekend, which I am super excited for. I can’t wait to see everyone! So I still have a few minor things to do, but it’s coming together.

It’s 53 days away.



Hey!  I’m on Etsy now…..


Which means You can use your credit card!

Check me out HERE!!

I’ll be working on a for-real website soon.


This week…..

So I haven’t posted very much this week, kinda been hectic.  After the farmers market on Tuesday, I got home and got ready to leave for my parents house in Westernville. I was on my way home for a final concert by my band teacher Mr. Ischia. He taught for 36 years. I really can’t imagine doing the same thing for 36 years. He loved it though, said he could have done another 3-4 years. But thought it was time to go, golf and spend time with his family.  It was really great seeing him, and the high school, and some high school friends I haven’t seen since I left.  The school looks different, Mr. Ischia’s hair is a lot greyer, and the friends haven’t changed, just got a little older. There were some mixed emotions going back, though I was excited once I got there.  I still had the, OMG moment, will I still fit in?

Then came a long awaited for moment… I got to check two things off my list. 

1. Have a drink with a Teacher

2. Have a drink at Benny’s Respectable Gin Mill

Really It’s called Benny’s Place, it’s in Holland Patent and the great aspiration of a group of High Schoolers Back in the late 90’s. David Parker, used to talk about Benny’s Respectable Gin Mill all the time, like he was the Norm of Holland Patent and had his own seat at the bar, when really we all knew that he had never been in for a drink before, being that he was 17 and a decent kid that only made mischief and a small bit of trouble.  So when at the age of 31 I finally got to belly up to the bar and order a Gin & Tonic– it was a moment, the fact that I was doing it with Mr Ischia, made it that much more special.  We laughed and talked,  I caught up with friends,  we did a lot of remembering.


So back home Thursday after noon to live life, had some orders to go out and did a lot of paperwork.  Scrubbed the house, and I’m baking today for tomorrow, I’ll be at the Watervliet Farmers Market tomorrow from 2:30 – 5:30. Come and visit. Kristy’s Barn is there from Schodack and they’ve got great produce for being early in the season.  I’m going to try to get into Voorheesville on Friday Nights. I’ll hope to see you there too!

Watervliet Farmers Market!!!

So Today was my first day, not with out incident, but Today was my FIRST DAY!!!!!!!!

I got a call from the Watervliet farmers market last week, wondering if I was going to participate this year.  I was scheduled to have my inspection of the kitchen on Friday morning, so I put off making the decision till Monday. Well of course the inspection went great! The very nice inspector John, checked out the kitchen and passed me with flying colors. With ta A-OK from the state I was off shopping like a champ. Can I spend money! I wish there were some sort of shopping award, I would win it. And what ever happened to Shop Till You Drop on Cable.  I loved that show, well I loved Supermarket Sweep more, but they were on back to back, so I consider them one. Anywho. I bought bought bought on Friday. On Saturday, I did yard work and ate Chinese.  (Yes that is a mentionable activity since I don’t get egg rolls very often) Sunday was the nieces’ recital ( Go Em!) and Monday was baking. and more baking, and still some baking.

Buy late late late Monday night, I had almost finished, but since I was falling asleep standing up, off to bed I went. Got up this morning with butterflies in my stomach. Did I make enough? Did I make too Much?  Will I remember everything? OH MY GOD! Small baby freak-outs all morning. Thankfully only the dog saw me and she loves unconditionally.

I had one small hiccup….. no Insurance. This would be the aforementioned incident.  I had gone on Monday to pay for my insurance. The very nice lady, Beth, was going to email the binder to me yesterday afternoon.  No binder this morning when I woke up!?!  So on my way to the FM I stopped by the agency. Why doesn’t everyone move fast when you want them to?   Well what to do, no insurance, no market, Right? By 3pm the underwriter had finally written my policy and I was covered. Yep, that’s me– daredevil. I went a whole half an hour without insurance.  Cause I went anyway. Rules be damned! I will sell my applecakes come hell or high water!

It was the first day of the season at Watervliet. There were only 6 vendors and I did ok! Nothing spectacular, but ok. I’m going to say for the first month, I’ll only do ok, till I get a customer base, then I hope for more.

But Today was my first day 🙂

slow and steady wins the race.

So where had Modern Family been all my life,  even though this blog was to have nothing to do with television and everything to do with exercising.  There was just a Priscilla Queen of the Desert reference. Seriously what was I watching at 8:30 on Wednesday nights?

I digress, again this was supposed to be about exercising and how good DH and I are doing at keeping active.  We are out every night after dinner to do something.  Tonight it was bike riding, we did 4 miles. I am quite proud of us. Will it last? It better, cause I need to keep this figure for the wedding and he is still loosing weight, over 100 pound so far.  I really am quite proud of him.  He is going to look so good in his tux!  Most importantly though, he is healthier then he has ever been (since I’ve been around, at least).

So slow and steady wins the race. A little exercise every night.  I want to do a 5k this fall sometime.  I know me! a 5k!!   We’ll see.  I can run a mile with out stopping, which I couldn’t do in High School, so I count that as a mini victory. I just have to add the 2.1 miles on to the end of that and voila! 5k.

On a business note, I am one step closer to getting my 20-C licence.  Hopefull everything will be ready to go by the 2nd week in June. (Fingers crossed!)

Well that was a little rough.

The flu sucks. I felt like crap all last week, but I thought it was allergies, which they definitely could have been a contributing factor.  Saturday, I ended up going to work, which though the money is good, probably wore me out and let the flu in.  By Sunday I made it to church, completely denying that I didn’t feel good, and then to the grocery store. I made it home and hit the couch. By 4pm, fever, body aches, cough and chills.

I finally feel better this morning. I tried to feel better yesterday, though I thought my mind over matter thing would work… It didn’t.  But this morning. Much better.

I’ll tell you how bad I felt, DH had to make an apple cake for me to ship out.  He being an engineer, can follow directions so it turned out perfectly.

Well I’m on the mend and I’ve got tons to do, the lawn is a jungle, the house is a disaster, I have to go shopping and work on a business proposal. It’s going to be a busy Thursday.

Going to roll out the Fathers Day Special.  Something with cookies and coffee.  Any thoughts?

Updates and new things growing.

Well I dropped off all the samples to the restaurant yesterday and now… I wait.  I made some awesome things to take. Cranberry scones and the most delicious Blueberry Lemon Biscuits. Not to mention about 10 loaves of every kind of bread imaginable. A nice gluten-free banana bread went as well. I think I’m going to add them all to the menu pages so you all can get them too!

Well since I’ve baked and worked like a crazy women the last three days to get that out, today I garden. I’m going to take some photos along the way so you can see the process too. I never thought I would become a gardener like my Dad. He easily had a 1/4 acre ploughed under to garden in. His speciality…Garlic!  He plants a ton of different varieties and about 1000 bulbs every fall.  He’s been gardening all my life, and there was even a newspaper article about him and his garden in the local rag.  He sells peppers, garlic, and tomatoes by the bushels. His romaine is beautiful, better then anything you can get in the store.  I don’ t think my garden will ever be as nice as his, but I’m trying.  40 years from now I’ll look back and see if mine looks as good.   Well off I go, I have to find some place to plant my asparagus, its a perennial and it never moves so I have to make a life long decision. The pressure!  Pictures to follow this afternoon as I take them.

Keep your fingers crossed that the restaurant likes everything!

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