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So I am sad to say that I am leaving wordpress. It just doesn’t fit my needs, which is a highly customizable blog. As you can currently see this blog is a Cluster. I can never seem to get it to look the way that I want it to. So off I go.

You can now find me on blogger. Still the comfortable baker. Still rambling on about not much :). just use this address I hope to see you over there and then you get to see what I really want to show you!


Where have I been?

Around, but obviously, not here.

Errands, and cleaning, and really no one wants to know about how I’m super stoked I got the fridge cleaned out last week. (I did and am so happy about it)

So yeah.

As you can probably see I’m not that much of a writer, more of an un-organized rambler. I’ve never really been a writer, never kept a journal or diary, etc. Which is probably a reason that I can’t keep up with the blog on a regular basis. I’ve decided that I need to do a semi-weekly post like a Wordless Wednesday or a Flash Friday or a oh I don’t know.  I got the idea from two great Mom Bloggers Mrs. C at Never a Dull Moment   and Mrs G at The Next Chapter…  both close friends, awesome women, and great Moms. So hopefully I can keep a better track on my blog. It is a great release to sit down and have a conversation about what ever you want to have one about (<– does that make sense?)   Anyway.

Apparently this is Blog Month, Mrs G is doing a blog a day for the entire month! Good for her, but I know right now I am not that dedicated! Some day, maybe…   So what’s going on in the business world.

Delmar Farmers Market!!!

Saturdays until 18th of December 9-1 in the middle school cafeteria in Delmar.  Oh my goodness- what a great market!  Lots of farmers out with the last bits of produce from the summer. Fresh meat, and eggs and a Fish Mongerer!  Freddy’s Rocking Humus (best humus around), Peruvian Delights (check out the empanadas), The Herb Guy (sorry I can’t remember his name) he makes an AWESOME coconut tea.  I’ll be there with AAC through the winter. So come out and see me!

Order for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is fast approching!  (17 days from today!) Get your orders in for dessert!

Pumpkin-Apple-Apple Crumb  $10

Apple Bundt $15

Apple Loaf $8

Pumpkin- Cranberry Orange Loaf $5

email me at to get your order in by November 21.


So I think that’s about it for all the exciting things going on.  I’ll (try to) be more diligent on the posting front.

till later









love it…

To My Michelle:

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Recipe of the Day…. Crumpets.

So, I am endeavoring on making a decent crumpet. Which should be interesting, since, I’ve never had a crumpet. I have nothing to compare it to, no model to set it up against. I’m off to the grocery store for ingredients. I’ve been reading blogs all around the interwebs looking for ideas and the general recipe for one. I’m feeling like it a pancake-y sort of a thing.  I’ll make this a several part blog on the “Crumpet: A Quest”  and then we’ll see what we get.

Friday Night-  Attempt Number 1 –  So they came out…Meh. Not really what I was looking for, or what I think I’m looking for. No real nooks and crannies. Mostly doughy and heavy. They really weren’t what the blog described. I think I filled the rings to much. And someone had mentioned that they had put the soda in right before cooking. I think I’ll try that with the next recipe. We’ll see!  This is the best part of experimenting, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. So these are mine:

Ok so Crumpet fest-tober is on hold for awesome weather. Yard work must be done, so I will continue this little exploration of crumpetness on Tuesday.


Crupmet Update:

I might have found the one. This recipe has a lot more air and you add the baking soda at the end, after you have let the yeast do its work. Lots of bubbles everywhere.  Here is the new picture. (if your english, please let me know if these look better) The first picture is as it went into the pan and the second is when it is getting ready to be turned. They seem to work out really well. They do tend to be a little bit greasy. But after you toast them, and add some butter, you don’t seem to notice the greasiness.  I have to apologize. I completely forgot to take a picture of them when they were all finished. But they look better!

Upcoming Events

Hey Everyone!

So I wanted to keep you all updated on upcoming events:

October 15th  Saturday

  • Extra Life Fundraising
    • Raising money for Children’s Miracle Network-  its going on at our house and of course Andi’s Apple Cakes will be providing the sugar!  It’s 24 hours of Gaming for  sick kids. Which means lots of Mountain Dew, Coffee, fun, and I’m sure several meltdowns. Please Support me Here!

October 31st  Monday

  • Halloween!!  Which means Candy and Goodies!!   I’ve got Pumpkin Bread available. Along with other awesome fall treats! (more info later)  So make sure you get your order in so you can take some yummy things to the office or just have something to snack on when the trick-or-treaters get to your house.


From now till Winter

  • Kristy’s Barn is stocking my Apple Cakes and Pumpkin Bread.  Make sure you get over to the Farm get some pumpkins, Apple Cakes, sign up for your 2012 CSA, pet some animals and get some super yummy apple cider doughnuts!


I’m going to be at a few different craft shows, and as soon as I get the dates and times pinned down I’ll let you know.


Also I’m running a Breakfast goodie contest- I was going to draw on October 1st but I want to get some more entries. So I’m extending the drawing to October 15th.    The Drawing is for a basket of breakfast goodies to be delivered to your office, for 2-30 people.

If you want in on the contest: Please email me at

Include Your:    Name — Place of Business– Telephone Number– Address– How many people are in your office

Please put “Contest Entry”   in the Subject line

Again I’ll draw October 15th and let the winners know.


See you at a farmers market or craft show soon!



And I’m BACK!

So, sorry about that little wedding glitch.

Regular life seriously got in the way of the business life. But that’s all taken care of now, so I can once again focus on my business and this part of my life.

Let me catch you up on the latest news. I got married 🙂 And it was awesome.Not to pat my self on the back (shameless self promotion coming) it was the best party ever.  It really had everything.  Ask most anyone that was there, I hit the nail on the head with this one. The flowers were beautiful thanks to Brian at Bountiful Blooms The music was killer, everyone danced all night long. Our tunes were played by Jim from Affordable DJ Services who we had got when we contracted through AMS/ Capital Disc Jockeys Tim, the owner, hooked us up!  From Tim we also got the open air photo booth. Which was a huge hit. We get a disc with all the pictures on it and seriously, I can’t wait.  Our outstanding photographers were from Alter Image Photography out of Syracuse. They did my BF’s wedding and were awesome then and did a superior job at ours. I really can’t thank them enough for capturing my day. Lance and his wife/assistant were really wonderful to have and let me do what I wanted, and somehow still came out with great pictures. You can see our Album (first 200+ of 3000) pictures.  But the real stars of the show were the caterers. Mansion Catering/Hall of Springs couldn’t have done a better job.  Angelo Mazzone puts together teams like no one else. I worked for the Hall and knew when it was time, they were the ones to call. We walked in sat down with Kevin Sykes and it was done. Really it was just that easy. A few conversations, and a menu appears, exactly what we wanted with out even knowing it.  When you hire the best, you get the best, and boy did they deliver. I’m still getting complements.  We ate, we danced, we drank, we had ice cream! You can’t have a party without Ben & Jerry’s!  The owner, and friend, Pat Pepino sent a scooper and a cart full of ice cream. So YUMMY!! After all was said and done guests made their way home with a cup of apple cider, an apple cider donut from Kristy’s Barn and of course an Andi’s Apple Cake. Seriously, what did you think I was going to give out as a favor at my own wedding??  All of the festivities occurred at Pat’s Barn a hidden gem in the wedding world. April Rounds who sells/manages the place for RPI is awesome to work with, and in a few years time, she will make it a wedding hotspot! So I think that was everyone. Oh….Transportation was by Premiere Limo, Dresses were from David’s, Tuxes from Men’s Warehouse (which I do NOT recommend). Hair was from Studio 1 in East Greenbush.  All in all, it went off with out a hitch. Everyone had an awesome time, we couldn’t be happier.


So back to reality.


I’m back to business, I’ll blog again very soon with where I’ll be and when I’ll be there and some new and exciting things I have in the works. One of those things will be a new web site.

Thanks for letting me do the wedding thing. I promise I won’t go away that long again!


Mrs. Salhoff


Yeah so this wedding thing is coming up.

Yes I am using this as an excuse as to why I haven’t blogged in ages. T-19 days. Stress levels are starting to reach maximum proportions. I might stroke out. I can actually hear the wedding bells ringing. Good lord in heaven above, please preserve me!


I will be back, I don’t know when, But I will be back!


As my friend Andy G. (king blogger @lunchboxbrain) tweeted earlier. “I hope my son will someday experience a planet at peace.”


Today people were killed in Oslo and a small island off the coast of Norway called Utoya. There was a bomb in the city, that killed two and injured many, and there was a gunman dressed as a police man that went to the island where a youth camp was being held and opened fire.

Children had to jump in the water and swim for their lives as they were being shot at.

What has this world come to.

What is to be done, so that, Liam and my children (not yet sparkles in my eye) will have a history class and talk about a subject called war and terrorism. And be able to speak of it as something that is just not done any more, that as humans we have moved beyond the use of guns to settle our differences. Where we all feel safe in our homes. Where we all treat our fellow humans as our brothers.

I have hope, but its not strong. I fear, I will have to explain why people blow up buildings and attack innocent children.


prayers go out to all those families that have been broken by this misery.


Minggy? yeah it’s cool.

So a friends brother started this little web site. It’s still in beta now (soon to be released) but it’s shaping up to be quite awesome! Pretty much it’s a linked in/craigslist/meetup all rolled into one. I can have a business account and a personal account in one (sweet!) and I can post ad’s and look for things that I want to do or get or see etc.  They have a video on their website that explains it all. I urge you to check it out and sign up. The more people that are on, the cooler it will be.   <——-  Check it out there!!


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